How To Use

  1. Install the latest version of NyVox from Patreon (Steam coming soon!). NyVox requires Windows 10 version 1903 or later and a modern GPU (GTX 950 or later) Please test NyVox first before subscribing to ensure it works for your system.

  2. If you plan to use NyVox with other programs you will need an audio driver like VB-Cable ( VB-CABLE is a donationware, all participations are welcome. )

  3. If you are a subscriber to the NyVox Patreon, sign in with the Sign In button at the top to unlock all of the voices.

  4. Choose a voice from the list by pressing the Select button

  5. Choose the microphone and speakers you plan on using from the "Input Device" list and the "Output Device" list. (It is recommended you choose your standard output device first to test the results and help better find a voice you like. Once you are happy with it, then choose VB-Cable (or your driver of choice) as the output in NyVox. From there you can select that same device as the input in your desired program, such as Discord.)

  6. Press start. NyVox will calibrate to your voice while you speak, simply speak in a normal voice for a few seconds. It is recommended to lower (or increase) the Voice Detection Threshold until NyVox only runs while you are talking so as to not pick up background noises or typing. If Calibrating stays at 0, you may have the wrong input device selected. See troubleshooting below for more details.


I get an error saying d3dx9_43.dll was not found: You will need to install the DirectX9 redistributable package.

I get an error saying VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found: You will need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable

I don't hear any audio. NyVox is stuck at Calibrating...: Ensure you have the correct input device selected from the dropdown box under the Convert Live tab. You may also need to restart your computer after installing NyVox. Additionally, ensure you have "Let desktop apps access your microphone" selected in windows Privacy & security.

"There was an error signing in.": Check that the email you are logged in with on Patreon is one that is subscribed to NyVox. NyVox needs access through Windows Firewall (or whichever firewall you use) to verify. See this link for more info.

"NyVox does not have realtime access...": Realtime access is only needed if you experience interruptions in the voice quality, such as the voice breaking or stuttering under intense CPU loads. If this is the case, running NyVox as an administrator, or manually setting NyVox to realtime in the task manager, while it is started, will give it the required access.

The audio is broken/skipping / "NyVox does not appear to be fast enough...": Make sure your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements: A GTX 950 or later and an Intel i5 or later. (GTX 1060+ is recommended.) If you are still getting this message try the options below.

  1. Try using the B1 model, it often runs faster than the other models.

  2. Check that NyVox is using the correct GPU in either the Nvidia Control Panel or in Windows Graphics settings

  3. Alternatively, if you have multiple GPUs, select a different GPU ID in the settings.

The voice sounds monotone / The voice sounds low pitch: This is likely due to pitch detection errors while calibrating.

  1. Use the Recalibration button to recalibrate. Make sure your voice is the only thing being picked up while calibrating and that you speak in a normal tone and range.

  2. Set your pitch mean manually.First check Details then check Manual Pitch Values. Finally, adjust the Mean slider until the pitch (white line in the box below) stays mostly around the center.

  3. Unchecking C1 may help for some users.


"When is NyVox coming to Steam?": NyVox is still in full development. Once the quality is high enough then a Steam release will be planned.

"Can I test NyVox early?": Yes, if you don't mind possible bugs and glitches. Check the NyVox Patreon for more information.

"Can I test add my own voice?": Not yet, but soon!